Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Duster - Stratosphere (1998)

A homemade-sounding, should-be classic of dreamy, druggy slowcore. Warm, analogue sound, disconnected vocals, and clean, loose guitar interplay are what make this record great. Also, listen for the fuzzy, blissed-out space rock centerpiece, "Echo, Bravo" -- that's my JAM.

Track listing:
1. Moon Age
2. Heading for the Door
3. Gold Dust
4. Topical Solution
5. Docking the Pod
6. The Landing
7. Echo, Bravo
8. Constellations
9. The Queen of Hearts
10. Two Way Radio
11. Inside Out
12. Stratosphere
13. Reed to Hillsborough
14. Shadows of Planes
15. Earth Moon Transit
16. The Twins/Romantica
17. Sideria

The phantom facing me


  1. rarely see anything on here that i've heard of before, but i love this record so much! just droppin in to say your blog is my very favorite - keep on being sick as hell ~caribou

  2. This was in a case that was stolen from me over ten years ago. Thank you!

  3. Can you fix it please? It doesnt work