Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lost Soul - Immerse in Infinity (2009)

Polish tech-death perfection. Immerse in Infinity is cerebral, expansive, and very Polish in its precisely delivered aggression, with just a touch of groove and some sci-fi keyboard interludes for personality. What really sets this record off, though, is the songwriting. Like many great death metal bands, Lost Soul play with near-unrelenting intensity, while subtly building tension that the listener may not even notice until they're hit with the payoff.

Track listing:
1. Revival
2. Personal Universe
3. ... If the Dead Can Speak?
4. 216
5. One Step Too Far
6. Breath of Nibiru
7. Divine Project
8. Simulation

Close your eyes, feel the flow of your blood
Read the message in the skies
Your veins as the underground tunnel

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