Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yellow Eyes - Hammer of Night (2013)

US black metal. Yellow Eyes are definitely what some might call 'hipster black metal' -- they're from NYC, Pitchfork has covered them, and they look like this -- but they never fall into 'post-black metal' territory. The dual guitar work is fluid, avoiding riffs and easy payoffs in favor of constantly shifting tremolo-picked melodies, and the overall sound is rough but organic. And, while there's a beauty to their music, it's always cut with a sense of unease and morbidity.

Track listing:
1. Light Has Fallen
2. In This Stillness
3. Many Long Fingers Bent in Pain
4. Ice Knell
5. Hammer of Night
6. Cabin Filled with Smoke and Flies

You are sinking with the moon
It will go and you will stay

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