Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mysticum - In the Streams of Inferno (1996)

Norwegian industrial black metal. Don't be fooled by the "industrial" part, though, as what you really have here is dark, warlike black metal with keyboards and a conspicuous drum machine (no EQ sweeps, digital vocal trickery, dance beats, etc.) Off the top of my head, I can't think of a better record in its subgenre.

Track listing:
1. Industries of Inferno
2. The Rest
3. Let the Kingdom Come
4. Wintermass
5. Where the Raven Flies
6. Crypt of Fear
7. In Your Grave
8. In the Last of the Ruins We Search for a New Planet

What's that glittering in the sky?
Waves of crystalline spectrum light
Flaming hordes from hell I sight

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  1. One of the best Black Metal Release All Time! More Cold, more Atmosphere is not possible

  2. thanks! Never managed to find a copy to listen to even once back then...