Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gorath - Apokálypsis (Unveiling the Age That Is Not to Come) (2011)

Progressive Belgian black metal. Given how much people seem to like black metal with elements of psychedelia and post-metal, it's truly bizarre how little attention this band and album have gotten.

Track listing:
1. Before the Throne of the Demiurge
2. The Seven Seals
3. Wrath of God
4. Le Porteur de Lumière
5. Beasts from the Earth and Sea
6. Whore of Babylon
7. Millennium (Thousand Years of Darkness)

You consciously dream, bathing in sweat
Yet closer to reality you have ever been
Revealing the destiny of this flawed world
To be destroyed by its own malevolent creator

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  1. well i like my black metal with experimental overtones and psychedelia in it, but i since the link is down, i have to postpone the infernal enjoyment..

    your spike in the ass reup requester