Sunday, April 5, 2015

Lonnie Liston Smith - Exotic Mysteries (1978) + Loveland (1978)

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Having released a string of bulletproof records with the Cosmic Echoes, Lonnie Liston Smith went solo and dove into far more accessible territory. Exotic Mysteries and Loveland are both jazz-funk records, for sure, but the harder-edges and free-form psychedelia that popped up on earlier efforts have been replaced by a smoother, more composed feel. If you, as am I, are getting impatient waiting for summer to come, these make for excellent summer night simulators.

Track listing:
-Exotic Mysteries-
1. Space Princess
2. Quiet Moments
3. Magic Journey
4. Exotic Mysteries
5. Singing for Love
6. Mystical Dreamer
7. Twilight
8. Night Flower
1. Sunburst
2. Journey into Love
3. Floating Through Love
4. Bright Moments
5. We Can Dream
6. Springtime Magic
7. Loveland
8. Explorations

Midsummer magic