Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ben Reynolds - Earth and Space Magics (2005)

Welp, I just narrowly avoided losing my entire digital music library, including literally every solo recording I have ever made, which would have legit broken my heart. Not to mention the fact that this blog would have been more or less kaput. Goddamn I am relieved. My children, learn from my mistakes: back up your shit.

So to celebrate, here's one of the albums that I was thinking would be impossible to track down again. A New Zealander, Ben Reynolds makes evocative, deeply meditative psychedelia that blurs the boundaries of psych folk and organic drone. This is the only full album of his that I've found, and any help finding more would be greatly appreciated.

Track listing:
1. Sunward Mooned the Moon
2. Original Emptiness
3. This England
4. A Pit Meditation
5. Howlers

Dwellers forever

For more along these lines, try:
Six Organs of Admittance - RTZ (2009)
Jack Rose - Opium Musick (2003)


  1. Fantastic. Thanks so much for posting this. Blessed to know this guy Reynolds now. Without knowing the artist, I might have guessed this to be yet another side project from the Stephen O'Malley/Greg Anderson camp, or something from the Nadja discography. I love the way this stuff just sort of....hovers.