Thursday, April 16, 2015

Luscious Jackson - In Search of Manny (1992)

If you remember Luscious Jackson at all, you're probably my age or a little older, and your memory of them goes something like, "Didn't they have some hit?" (Answer: Kind of.) However, if you're cool, you might remember them for In Search of Manny, their amateurish debut EP, released on Grand Royal. The alt rock meets hip hop vibe is 90s as fuck, as is the semi-coherent, very white rapping, but somewhere between sampling Honey Bane and the echoing, heavy-lidded vocals of Jill Cunniff, you realize that they were just punk kids having fun mixing mid-paced breakbeats with guitars in a (likely smoke-filled) studio, and it's infectious.

Track listing:
1. Let Yourself Get Down
2. Life of Leisure
3. Daughters of the Kaos
4. Keep on Rockin' It
5. She Be Wantin' It More
6. Bam Bam
7. Satellite

Disintegrating and I'm feeling fine
I hold your weakness inside mine


  1. Replies
    1. That's precisely the reaction I'm looking for!

  2. Keep On Rockin It - John Peel Festive 50

  3. first heard luscious jackson on the adventures of pete and pete, they appeared in the dance episode in season 3 and performed some of their songs (including satellite) and one of the band members also dances with older pete