Sunday, April 19, 2015

Majesty Crush - Love 15 (1993)

Majesty Crush was a little-known Detroit shoegaze band who recorded just one full-length. Somehow, despite the internet music nerd community's love for 90s shoegaze, Love 15 has managed to stay almost completely under the radar. Even though it's practically perfect.

Maybe it's because their take on love, shoegaze's favorite topic, is significantly darker than that of most of their peers; album opener "Boyfriend" is a twisted love song in which the narrator fantasizes about gutting his love interest's boyfriend like a fish, "Uma" and "No. 1 Fan" are both stalker anthems, and elsewhere, there's talk of alcoholism, drugs, prostitution, and suicide. However, it's all presented in a glimmering, upbeat, Catherine Wheel-ish package.

Track listing:
1. Boyfriend
2. Uma
3. No. 1 Fan
4. Brand
5. Purr
6. Seles
7. Grow
8. Pretty Head
9. Cicciolina
10. Penny for Love
11. Skin
12. Feigned Sleep
13. Horse

I'll clutch him by the gills
Cut his head then his tail
I'll feed his head to the seals
And his tail to the whales
I can see you walking away

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