Monday, April 20, 2015

Lord Belial - Unholy Crusade (1999)

Raging, battle-ready Swedish black metal with an epic, generally melodic approach. A lot like early Marduk, but a bit more musically adventurous -- for example, check out the cello on "War of Hate", or the acoustic guitars and clean vocals on "Divide Et Impera". Put this on the next time you're storming the gates of heaven.

Track listing:
1. Summon the Legions
2. Unholy Crusade
3. War of Hate
4. Lord of Evil Spirits
5. Death Is the Gate
6. Bleed on the Cross
7. Divide Et Impera
8. Master of Destruction
9. Night Divine
10. And Heaven Eternally Burns (Realm of a Thousand Burning Souls Part II)

I can see the holy angel falling to its knees
Tearing off their own wings to bleed eternally

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