Friday, April 10, 2015

Urgehal - Ikonoklast (2009)

Contemporary Norwegian black metal at its finest. Urgehal's been around since the early 90's, and Ikonoklast might be their best record yet. Sharp, dynamic songwriting, oddly catchy riffs, ripping solos, and disgusted vocals, bolstered by crisp, dark production.

Track listing:
1. Stesolid Self-Destruction to Damnation
2. Dødelagt
3. Cut Their Tongues Shut Their Prayers
4. The Necessity of Total Genocide
5. Kniven Rider Dypt I Natt
6. Astral Projection to Rabid Hell
7. Approaching Doom
8. Holocaust in Utopia
9. Sopor Necrosanctus
10. Serpent Messiah (bonus)

Death and extermination
Pass into black oblivion

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