Monday, May 18, 2015

Farflung - The Belief Module (1998)

Monumental LA space rock with heavy quasi-Eastern vibes.

Track listing:
1. The Day of St. Anthony's Fire
2. Petal
3. Fingers of the Sky Catcher
4. The Belief Module
5. Gleam
6. The Dead Sea
7. World Within a World

Acid tabs

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  1. Mega. I didn't know about this one. Anyone into Farflung might want to check out Oresund Space Collective, from Copenhagen. In addition to their studio work, OSC posts every show they play, for free dl. If memory serves (and it's admittedly shaking of late) I've got a Farflung show somewhere with Nik Turner guesting. Thank you for the post and for inspiring me to suss that one out of the boxes.