Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Seefeel - Polyfusia (1994)

One of the best and most underrated bands to come out of the British shoegaze scene of the early 90s, Seefeel created a godly fusion of minimal techno and ambient shoegaze. Released on the heels of their classic debut LP QuiquePolyfusia compiles two earlier EPs, including a cover of The Cure's "Plainsong" and some remixes by one Richard D. James.

Track listing:
1. More Like Space
2. Time to Find Me (Come Inside)
3. Come Alive
4. Blue Easy Sleep
5. Plainsong
6. Moodswing
7. Minky Starshine
8. Time to Find Me (AFX Fast Mix)
9. Time to Find Me (AFX Slow Mix)
10. Plainsong (Sine Bubble Embossed Mix)

"I think it's dark and it looks like rain," she said
"And the wind is blowing like it's the end of the world," she said
"And it's so cold, it's like the cold if you were dead"
And then she smiled for a second


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    1. Ha, this is a fact. I like this mistake, I think I'll leave it. I also loved their second LP, "Croissants".

    2. I did not mean to delete your comment, sorry DanP! For posterity, it said something along the lines of "Thanks, their debut was Quique, not Quiche lol".