Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Tuss - Rushup Edge (2007)

If you're disappointed that Richard D. James hasn't released anything new under the Aphex Twin moniker (unless you count AFX) in over ten years, and wonder what the hell he's been doing with his time since then, know that The Tuss is, in all likelihood, a product of his wonderfully warped mind. Whether or not it's him (seems like it probably is, but all of my knowledge on the matter is coming from Wikipedia, so...), The Rushup Edge is some really great acid techno. Sounds like stoned, tweaked British hipsters.

Track listing:
1. Synthacon 9
2. Last Rushup 10 F
3. Shiz Ko E
4. Rushup I Bank 12
5. Death Fuck
6. Goodbye Rute

Humanoid must not escape

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