Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wolfhetan - Was der Tag Nicht Ahnt (2012)

It should go without saying that the primary function of this blog is to direction attention towards bands and albums that IMO don't get enough attention or respect. Given that, it should also go without saying that I consider pretty much everything that I post to be underrated.

So it's redundant to say it, but... goddamn, Wolfhetan is just so fucking underrated. They're a German trio whose music, which can be classified as pagan black metal with folk influences, is raging but majestic, atmospheric but raw, sprawling but never meandering. Plus, their drummer is absolutely phenomenal. And it's not that their sound is particularly esoteric; fans of comparatively well-known acts like Agalloch and Helrunar, for instance, should find a lot to like here. Was der Tag Nicht Ahnt is their second album, and you need to hear it right now.

Track listing:
1. In Die Stille Der Zeit
2. Abschied
3. Vollkommenheit
4. Eispalast
5. Was Der Tag Nicht Ahnt
6. Tagtraum
7. Ankunft


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