Monday, November 11, 2013

Robyn Hitchcock - Moss Elixir (1996)

One of my favorites right here. Robyn Hitchcock is an English singer-songwriter known for his peculiar, darkly surreal lyrics. Released three years after Respect -- an excellent album that has unfairly been pegged as the nadir of his discography -- Moss Elixir is, with a few notable exceptions, a relatively restrained affair. Harkening back to the sound of Eye and I Often Dream of Trains, two of his most well-received collections, Hitchcock sticks mostly to acoustic and clean electric guitars and his own very English singing voice, and the results are as strangely gorgeous and sad as anything he's made.

Track listing:
1. Sinister (But She Was Happy)
2. The Devil's Radio
3. Heliotrope
4. All Right, Yeah
5. Filthy Bird
6. The Speed of Things
7. Beautiful Queen
8. Man with a Woman's Shadow
9. I Am Not Me
10. De Chirico Street
11. You and Oblivion
12. This Is How It Feels

She worships the sun

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