Friday, November 29, 2013

Centaur - In Streams (2002)

Centaur was a short-lived band formed by guitarist/songwriter Matt Talbott in the wake of the untimely dissolution of the perennially underrated Hum, and can be heard as the more downcast, druggier flipside of Hum's lush, yearning sounds. In Streams, Centaur's first and only album, starts off somewhat reserved - the album opening "Life Begins" sounds like a bomb that wants to go off but never does, and the lukewarm second track, "Wait for the Sun", would've sounded all too at home playing in the background at The Bronze - before really taking off with the gloriously heavy, dark psychedelia of "The Same Place" and the slow-burning, woozy beauty of "Strangers on 5". For the remainder of In Streams' uniformly excellent duration, Centaur rides a majestic wave of stoned, fuzzed out euphoria that never fails to leave me wanting more.

Track listing:
1. Life Begins
2. Wait for the Sun
3. The Same Place
4. Strangers on 5
5. Placencia
6. Thimbles
7. Fields
8. In Strams

I wish we were so gone

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