Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Milton Nascimento - Minas (1975)

One of many jaw-dropping albums of breezy, evocative, effortlessly innovative jazz/folk/ornate pop/psych tunes from Brazilian music legend Milton Nascimento. Released shortly after Native Dancer, a fruitful collaboration with saxophonist Wayne Shorter that granted Nascimento a worldwide audience, Minas is bursting at the seams with ideas -- one moment, laid-back folk rock glides over skittering jazz rhythms; the next, a choir battles towering guitar feedback; the next, syncopated hand percussion and wa-wa guitars disappear into a cloud of lush strings. All this, yet Minas makes for an easy, cohesive, one might even say, relaxing listen.

Track listing:
1. Minas
2. Fé Cega, Faca Amolada
3. Beijo Partido
4. Saudade dos Aviões da Panair (Conversando no Bar)
5. Gran Circo
6. Ponta de Areia
7. Trastevere
8. Idolatrada
9. Leila (Venha Ser Feliz)
10. Paula e Bebeto
11. Simples
12. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (bonus)
13. Caso Você Queira Saber (bonus)

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  2. Thanks for all the great music here. Very interesting blog!

  3. Obrigado. Yep... I'm brazilian boy...

  4. santosCurser says:
    Been here for the first time last night, just realized I could, and better, bookmark the double m.
    You are an oracle.

  5. Many thanks for taking the time to share this music.

  6. Thank you!! (Milton's 1960's/1970's albums are flawless)

  7. muito obrigado desde ciudad de méxico, Vilcarde

  8. obrigado! Have it on vinyl but I wanted it also in my ipod :)

  9. Thank you! I've never heard this one.