Saturday, November 9, 2013

Paul Bley - Fragments (1986)

Icy, drifting sounds from a quartet of topnotch ECM musicians led by Canadian pianist Paul Bley. While Bley lets his free jazz roots take hold in spots, and there's certainly an exploratory freedom throughout, these are mostly sparse, moody, eerily restrained compositions, some of which are reworked arrangements of songs from his acclaimed solo album, Open, to Love.

Track listing:
1. Memories
2. Monica Jane
3. Line Down
4. Seven
5. Closer
6. Once Around the Park
7. Hand Dance
8. For the Love of Sarah
9. Nothing Ever Was, Anyway

Uneasy sleep


  1. Thanks! Just found a copy of "Open, to Love" today...

  2. Weird...I'm a big Bley flan, a big "Open to.." fan and am fairly aware of ECM's catalogue, and yet somewhow I'm just not familiar with this record. Really looking forward to hearing it. Thanks!

  3. no go showboat on link