Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tony Wakeford - Not All of Me Will Die (2009)

A beautiful, mesmerizing album of atmospheric, psychedelic neofolk from Tony Wakeford, the man behind Sol Invictus, a band that, in terms of prominence, ranks among neofolk 'heavyweights' like Death in June and Current 93. Over the course of 51 minutes, Wakeford weaves a rich, diverse musical tapestry with oboe, clarinet, flute, keyboards, dulcimer, thunderous percussion, acoustic and electric guitars, and more, over which his and others' commanding vocals intermittently echo. Those who have heard and believed Antifa-perpetuated rumors of Wakeford's supposed support of Naziism will be pleased (hopefully) to learn that Not All of Me Will Die is inspired by and dedicated to the memory and works of Zuzanna Ginczanka, a Polish, Jewish poetess who was killed in the Holocaust.

Track listing:
1. Non Omnias Moriar
2. 2
3. Fullness of August
4. 4
5. 5
6. 6

So let my friends break out holiday goblets,
Celebrate my wake and their wealth:
Kilims and tapestries, bowls, candlesticks.
Let them drink all night and at daybreak
Begin their search for gemstones and gold
In sofas, mattresses, blankets and rugs.
Oh how the work will burn in their hands!
Clumps of horsehair, bunches of sea hay,
Clouds of fresh down from pillows and quilts,
Glued on by my blood, will turn their arms into wings,
Transfigure the birds of prey into angels.

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