Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kevin Braheny - Galaxies (1983)

So I'm not sure who or what started me down this road - I think maybe it was Steve Roach - but apparently, I like music that sounds like this now. Join me, dear reader, on a journey to a place where the impossible is possible, and one can scarcely breathe, struck dumb and paralyzed by the infinite wonder of the heavens. I'm talking, of course, about my seventh grade science class, which is where one could surely hear this music soundtracking an oppressively boring educational video. Features twinkly-dinklies, oohs and ahhs, something that sounds a lot like the THX intro thing, and a number of outrageously dated keyboard voices.

After writing the above, I read on Discogs that Galaxies is the soundtrack to a 'planetarium production.' Close enough.

Track listing:
1. Galaxies Main Theme
2. Starflight 1
3. Ancient Stars
4. Milky Way Rising
5. Galactic Sky
6. Southern Cross
7. Starflight 2
8. Pleaides
9. Starflight 3
10. Winds (Proxima Centauri)
11. Intergalactic Space
12. Ice Forests of Orion
13. Lookback Time
14. Going Home
15. Starflight 4
16. Down to Earth

To be fair, Mr. Lutsko was one of my favorite teachers.