Sunday, November 10, 2013

Vomitoma - A Liquid Harvest of Putrefied Stomach Contents (2009)

Vomitoma is a goregrind band from Ohio that makes Mortician's muddy, drum-machine driven mess sound radio-friendly. Music like this really makes me question my own tastes. Why do I like such objectively unpleasant sounds? What do I stand to glean from listening to a wall of utterly incomprehensible downtuned guitars, conspicuously synthetic drum machines, and gurgling vocals that literally sound more like a half liquid-half solid making its way down a drain than anything that human vocal chords might produce? Mind you, I have no answers, but the fact remains: I love this incredibly shitty/awesome record.

Go here for a list of 53 song titles like "Colostomy Bag Drug Smuggler", "Bludgeoned with Frozen Intestines", and "Her Face Was Eaten Off and Defecated Down Her Esophagus".

Discharges of the deceased

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  1. No luck with your link, but I did find this somewhere else. Yes, this is mightily fucked to be sure....