Monday, November 25, 2013

Lumerians - Transmalinnia (2011)

Lumerians have a new LP out, pick it up from their label here.

From SF/Oakland, aka the Psych Rock Capital of the US, Lumerians play a dense, vaguely sinister, largely instrumental take on classic 60s psych rock. Layered organ/keys and thunderous drums give their songs a pleasingly enveloping atmosphere, while reverb-y, idiosyncratic guitar and key melodies cut through the haze with a welcome dose of clarity and, at times, levity. For me, the clear highlights are the last two tracks, "Melting Space" and "Gaussian Castles", which decrease the tempos significantly, revealing a slow burning, trance-inducing grandeur. I saw these bros open for My Bloody Valentine a few months back, and they managed to catch and hold my attention, even as I eagerly and half-drunkenly awaited a set from one of the greatest bands of our time -- no small feat.

Track listing:
1. Burning Mirrors
2. Black Tusk
3. Shortwave Fields
4. Atlanta Brook
5. Hashshashin
6. Calalini Rises
7. XuluX
8. Melting Space
9. Gaussian Castles

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