Friday, May 1, 2015

Anti - The Insignificance of Life (2006)

German depressive black metal. Varied tempos, distorted vocals buried under a wall of fuzzy, tremolo-picked guitars, and the occasional desolated clean guitar. Simple but mesmerizing. Because I feel like it, I'm gonna throw in two "bonus" tracks that represent the only material they've released since this -- one from the absolutely essential Gott In Uns four-way split with the Ruins of Beverast, Nihil Nocturne, and Deathgate Arkanum, and the other a re-recording of "Landscape in Minor" from a split with Mosaic.

Track listing:
1. Nothing
2. Landscape in Minor
3. Invocation
4. Farewell
5. Zero Point
6. Mourning Soul

Spirit of the earth, remember!
Spirit of the sky, remember!

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  1. An old bandmate/close friend and I used to refer to Anti as "mad depressive black metal" around the time this demo came out a decade ago (oh my god has it been that long?). His work as a member in Darkestrah was also awesome. Anti was actually "reformed" as a full band a few years ago, but they unfortunately broke up again late last year/early this year due to the death of their new vocalist. A shame, as Anti is a really talented songwriter.