Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Heinous Killings - Hung with Barbwire (2006)

Sick-ass brutal death metal from scenic Cleveland. Will probably make you disrespect your surroundings. I'm a sucker for drum machines, incomprehensible walls of riffs, unintelligible growls, and sample abuse, so Hung with Barbwire has been in near-constant rotation here at OPIUM HUM headquarters -- ever since some dumb-dumb on an idiotic forum complained about not being able to find it anywhere, and I tracked it down in less than ten seconds because I am a master of internet music nerdery. The song titles aren't as over-the-top as they could be, but I'm actually kinda digging the simplicity. They're like, "I'm not gonna get too technical or crude about it, just trust me, I'm going to brutally murder you."

Track listing:
1. Possessed to Kill
2. Strangled by Intestines
3. Skinned Alive in Acid
4. Hung with Barbwire
5. Chopped Up in a Body Bag
6. Asphyxiating Soil
7. Dissected Spinal Cord
8. Infection Consumed
9. Severe Throat Stabs
10. Nailed Cranium

"What do you want?"
"Your blood... all over me."

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  1. Methinks that "Strangled by Intestines", "Skinned Alive in Acid", "Hung with Barbwire" or "Chopped Up in a Body Bag" are technical enough for me.

  2. Speaking about song titles, I really liked Last Days of Humanity's "The Beauty Of Perfection In Sensible Cruelty". Oxymoronic gore poetry.