Monday, December 2, 2013

Al Gromer Khan - Utopia (1993) + Attar (1996)

Al Gromer Khan is an accomplished German sitar player who got his start with Popol Vuh, for whom he played sitar on a few albums in the mid and late seventies. Since then, he has operated mostly as a solo ambient/new age composer. Minimalistic and soothing, Utopia finds Khan pretty much entirely forgoing his beloved sitar in favor of chilly, spacious synthesizers, making it an odd potential introduction to his discography. Attar continues along much the same lines, while adding a good deal more sitar and some sparse vocals for a more organic touch. Both albums have this alluring, haunting quality that really sticks with me, and it's difficult to track down either one for less than $40, so... enjoy.

Track listing:
1. Utopia
2. Denia
3. Numa
4. Cherry Blossom
5. Mikado
1. The Wind at Jabal Musa
2. I Am Not That Rose
3. Aires de Cadiz
4. The Allah Cup
5. Le Parfum Khus
6. Eros and Denial



  1. Never seen these 2 Khan releases. Thanks for sharing the music. The web seems to be the bastion of good music and people like you taking the time and effort to expose it!

  2. Hey man - the link to ATTAR is broken. Please fix? Thnks!

  3. Hi, can you please re-upload "Utopia"? Thanks