Saturday, December 14, 2013

Front Line Assembly - Total Terror Parts I + II (1993)

Just got turned on to a couple of great contemporary industrial bands - Youth Code and Prostate - whose sounds are highly referential to the kind of mid 80s/early 90s electro-industrial that I love so much. As I don't like to give way brand-new records by current bands, especially ones that are readily available for legal download, I'm opting to post records from one of the original powerhouses of the style, Canada's own Front Line Assembly. Total Terror Part I is a remixed reissue of their first demo (minus one song, plus three others); Part II is a collection of unreleased material from the same era. All driving beats, staccato digital basslines, airy synths, dialogue samples, cavernous SFX, and ghoulish vocals. Together, these collections represent the totality of FLA's pre-label recordings, and an essential part of the electro-industrial story.

Track listing:
-Part I-
1. Total Terror
2. A Decade
3. Rebels in Afghanistan
4. Developing Suicide
5. Black Fluid
6. Falling There
7. All You Do
8. Seeing Is Believing
9. Empty Walls
10. Enemy Number One
11. On the Cross
12. Freedom
13. Distorted Vision
14. Cleanser
-Part II-
1. Assassination
2. Intensive Care Unit
3. Immobilized
4. They're Going to Kill Us
5. Stimulant Combat
6. Hatred by Society
7. Intruder
8. Face Puller
9. A.E.C. Krunch
10. Cro-Magnon
11. Guilty
12. Attack Decay
13. The Bonening



  1. Eeeewwww.... industrial... AKA white boi nerd electronic music. Passe and disgusting. I'm glad industrial is dead LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    1. Good job not liking something that most people don't like -- that's exciting!!

  2. Go and listen to Throbbing Gristle's "The Second Annual Report" and then punch yourself repeatedly in the face for me.

    1. Is this directed at me? Are you schooling me on this very obscure band Throbbing Gristle, who also is posted on here?

    2. No, no, sorry! I was trying to respond to the person who said "white boi nerd electronic music," my point being that his/her understanding of industrial is pretty hazy, and also that he/she should punch themselves in the face. Repeatedly. I've listened to Total Terror for years, and it's a great album. Thanks for showing it (and 90's industrial) some love, and for all you do!

    3. Haha, I thought that was a possibility as well, I guess when it comes to communication on the internet, I err on the side of "this guys prob wants me to suicide." Thx for the clarification, cheers!

  3. State of mind is good too, if you are into the total terror collection. You might have already posted it come to think of it?

  4. Thanx negro. dis be da kind of shit me and my niggaz be krackin skulls to