Monday, December 16, 2013

Havohej - Black Perversion (1994), Man and Jinn (2000), Tungkat Blood Wand (2007), Purple Cloak (2012)

Four EPs spanning the career of US solo black metal project Havohej, aka Paul Ledney of Profanatica/Incantation/Revenant/others. Havohej is known best for his 1993 debut LP, raw black metal classic Dethrone the Son of God, and the rest of his discography, aside from one other full-length released in 2009, consists of a handful of EPs released over the course of the past two decades, so a lot of people don't know how fucking strange and druggy it is. The music of Havohej can barely be classified as black metal; it's definitely 'blackened,' but aside from hoarse vocals and the occasional blastbeat, these harsh, rumbling, atonal, lo-fi sonicscapes have just as much, maybe even more in common with Throbbing Gristle then, say, Darkthrone. Black noise worship at its finest.

Track listing:
-Black Perversion-
1. Black Perversion
2. Unholy Sodomy
3. Mary Goddess of Shit
-Man and Jinn-
1. Intro
2. Man and Jinn
3. Leave Me in Hell [Venom cover]
4. Goat Perversion [Impaled Nazarene cover]
-Tungkat Blood Wand-
1. Through the Gates of Amu
2. Tungkat Blood Wand
3. Spirit Voice
-Purple Cloak-
1. Purple Cloak
2. Untitled I
3. Untitled II

Vomit drips from the walls of heaven
Black art of desecration


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