Sunday, December 8, 2013

Vinterriket - Eiszwielicht / Firntann (2010)

Vinterriket is a one-man project from Germany whose discography is composed of about 85% icy, minimalistic, synth-based ambient music, and 15% atmospheric black metal. The two EPs that are compiled on this release fit neatly into the former category; Eiszwielicht is all drifting synths, while Firtann mixes it up a bit with some programmed drums and whispered vocals.

The fact that this style of music ever caught on with the black metal crowd is a testimony to the power of one's chosen aesthetic. I say this because, aside from a few grainy black and white pics of trees, Vinterriket is practically indistinguishable from the new age-y sounds of, say, Steve Roach or Michael Stearns. Of course, it's also a testimony to the long-reaching influence of everyone's favorite delusional, homicidal racist, Burzum, who pioneered the art of black metal dudes plinking around on keyboards back in the early 90s.

Track listing:
1. Eistränen
2. Eisleere
3. Forstestrübe
4. Schneehain

Twilight of ice


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