Thursday, September 5, 2013

Automatic Man - Automatic Man (1976)

Debut LP of phenomenal, spaced-out but somewhat radio-friendly (keeping in mind that it came out the same year as "More Than a Feeling") prog from this short-lived outfit. Tricky, often funk- and jazz-inflected chords, harmonized backup vox, space-age synths, and an impeccably clear, warm analogue sound. Def a lil' bit of ELO circa Out of the Blue influence on here, especially on their one and only semi-hit single, "My Pearl." Overall, though, Automatic Man was a bit more concerned with enhancing trips than writing hits.

Track listing:
1. Atlantis Rising Fanfare
2. Comin' Through
3. My Pearl
4. One 'n One
5. Newspapers
6. Geni-Geni
7. Right Back Down
8. There's a Way
9. I.T.D. (Interstella Tracking Devices)
10. Automatic Man
11. Atlantis Rising Theme/Turning of the Axis

Automatic man, he moves like a computer