Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ulvegr - Аrctogaia (2012)

Excellent sophomore full-length from this Ukrainian black metal duo, whose members have played with Nokturnal Mortum and Khors, among others. Ulvegr's icy tremolo picked riffing instantly reminded me of Hate Forest. The vocals are competent if unremarkable, varying from a low-ish growl to a high-pitched shriek. To me, the most interesting element at play here is the presence of a number of wailing, semi-wanky guitar solos, the likes of which one does not normally hear in black metal.

Unfortunately, all evidence seems to suggest that the members of Ulvegr are racist. I'm not sure whether or not they consider this project NSBM or whatever. For my thoughts on this kind of thing, see my post about Walknut. (Note: I am not racist. Don't be a ding-dong.)

Track listing:
1. В Пене Кровавой
2. Кровавым Орлом К Чужим Берегам
3. Сметь И Дерзать
4. Из Тени Вранокрылой Тайны
5. Льдов Первородных Тени Сквозь Космос
6. Арктогея

In a bloody froth

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