Saturday, September 7, 2013

Van Der Graaf Generator - H to He, Who Am the Only One (1970)

Van Der Graaf Generator are a British prog rock band who, from 1970 to 1977, quietly compiled one of the most airtight discographies in all of prog. H to He Who is their third full-length, and is as good an entry point as any. Sprawling, mind-melting compositions colored by flute, saxophones, synths, organ, and vocalist/primary songwriter Peter Hammill's dramatic lyrics and fatalistic delivery. "The Emperor in His War Room" features an excellent, very Fripp-y guitar solo from Mr. Robert Fripp.

Track listing:
1. Killer
2. House with No Door
3. The Emperor in His War Room
4. Lost
5. Pioneers Over C

Standing in the space that holds the silent lace of night away from you
You think that you can hold the searing, molten gold between your fingers


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