Monday, September 2, 2013

Steve Roach - Stormwarning (1989)

Re: this post. I just realized that I've posted a bunch of records to which Steve Roach contributed, but none of his proper solo albums. So I'm nippin' that in the bud right now. Stormwarning falls on the more energetic side of Roach's discography (for further listening in this area, check out his first two records, and/or Empetus, courtesy of the Imaginary Radio Station.) It's technically a live album - three long compositions recorded at separate performances - but thankfully, there's no crowd noise to detract from the listening experience. I can't be the only one who hates that.

Track listing:
1. Day One: 5.10.85
2. Day Two: 1.17.87
3. Day Three: 10.2.91 (bonus)

Fever pulse


  1. One of my favorites. Pure analog hypnosis in silicon form! Genius!

  2. Wow based on the cover its this is intense electronica. Yeah its not dance but then again electronic music can always be a little more cerebral cant it? Great stuff Steve's America's answer to Eno and Tangerine Dream!!

  3. Europe..TD, Eno but neither could do what the other could i.e. Eno making cool sequencer music and TD making decent ambient music then theres Roach who pulled off both styles and more! +1 for this posting!

  4. The link is dead any chance of re-up the link please.

  5. Thank you for the re-up. I look forward to more great music to come. Thanks again

  6. do you have some steve roach solo albums from the 90s?

    1. I do, and I had some posted, but I got copyright complaints for a bunch of Roast posts. If you have a specific request I can just post it here though.

  7. Steve Roach "Empetus" 30th Anniversary Deluxe Digital Edition available for free download @ Projekt:

    Only free for a couple more days, so get it soon.

    Thanks for the great blog.

  8. Steve roach is actually some divine being from above that has take physical form