Friday, September 27, 2013

Ygg - Ygg (2011)

Stellar Ukrainian black metal trio featuring both members of Ulvegr, whose album I posted a few days ago, plus vocalist Vrolok. On their self-titled debut, the name of the game is patient, almost meditative repetition of simplistic but well-written, tremolo-picked riffs, accompanied by midrange howls and agonized, high-pitched shrieks, machine-like double kick abuse, and a little drymba. While this description might not make Ygg sound terribly original, the overall effect is truly mesmerizing, and I highly, highly recommended this album to any fan of Ukrainian black metal.

And this is the part of the post where I tell you that Ygg are, unfortunately, a bunch of racists/xenophobes/etc, and that those readers who abstain from listening to music produced by musicians with boneheaded, poisonous ideologies should steer clear.

Track listing:
1. ...Знаю, висел я в ветвях на ветру... (Intro)
2. YGG
3. Урд, Верданди, Скульд
4. Гимн природы
5. Кровь
6. Ритуал
7. ...Стеная, их поднял и с дерева рухнул...

Ликуя победе, обрету я дар
Иль погружусь в вечный кошмар.

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