Friday, June 5, 2015

Porter Ricks - Biokinetics (1996)

Abstract, experimental, and brilliant techno. From the energetic highs of "Nautical Dub" and "Port of Call" to the nocturnal pulse of "Port Gentil" and "Biokinetics 2" (tracks that, along with "Nautical Zone", established the framework of thick, slowly shifting clouds of synths hanging over simple, distantly pulsing drums upon which Gas would base its first masterpiece, Zauberberg), this record dazzles and narcotizes.

Track listing:
1. Port Gentil
2. Nautical Dub
3. Biokinetics 1
4. Biokinetics 2
5. Port of Call
6. Port of Nuba
7. Nautical Nuba
8. Nautical Zone

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  1. still on a techno kick, so this one is much appreciated - thanks!

  2. excellent post. Love this one. A great new discovery. It reminds me a lot of the early stuff on the Warp label....the so called 'Intelligent Techno' or 'Electronic Listening Music'

  3. All, check out Chain Reactions entire roster. amazing dub/ambient/minimal techno. Basic Channel is good as well. Thanks for this man, as my PR cd is packed away.

  4. porter ricks!?!...there's nothin' wrong with it!!! (i knew this already!)

    great post.

  5. Thanks for this shit. As a taxi driver forever in need of fresh shit, with a human recommendation behind it, new or old or in between, thank you. Rory