Thursday, June 11, 2015

Волхв - Древо мира (2004)

Волхв (aka Volkhv) was a brief-lived project headed by Ogneslov, now the primary member of one of the Ukraine's finest sketchy folk-black metal outfits, Kroda.  Древо мира (Tree of the Universe) is, objectively, poorly recorded and mixed; there's no bass, the guitars could come up, and whenever the keyboards drop out it sounds empty and dry. To me, though, that uneasy, almost drug-fueled feel, that only well-executed amateurish black metal can deliver, is the main draw here.

Track listing:
1. Хтонический мир
2. Наследие
3. Срастание с древом
4. Мир людей
5. Земля самости
6. Цвет древней культуры
7. Мир богов

A memory in blood

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