Saturday, June 27, 2015

Martin Rev - Stigmata (2009)

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Even in the discography of an artist as experimental and unique as Martin Rev's, Stigmata is a truly abstract, singular record. Entirely devoid of percussion, these songs find Rev's reverb-soaked murmurs adrift against the musical backdrop of a synthetic symphonic orchestra. I seem to remember that the discussion surrounding this album was that his wife Maria passed away while he was making it, and this might explain the alternately tender (check out the gentle "Gloria"), restless, sorrowful, and incensed emotions that seem to be all over Stigmata.

Track listing:
1. Laudamus
2. Te Deum
3. Jubilate
4. Dona Nobis Pacem
5. Gloria
6. Sanctus
7. Salve
8. Spiritus
9. Domine
10. Exultate
11. Magnum Mysterium
12. Anima Me
13. Sinbad's Voyage
14. Paradisio


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