Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rudimentary Peni - Echoes of Anguish (1997), The Underclass (2000), Archaic (2004), + No More Pain (2008)

Perhaps the greatest of the OG British anarchopunk bands, the magic of Rudimentary Peni came from their lead singer, Nick Blinko, being a certified crazy person, and his allowing this to play a central role in RP's creative output, from their artwork to their increasingly deranged music (if you haven't yet, make sure to take in Cacophony at least once.) The just over one hour of music on these four EPs represents the entirety of the band's output since their last full-length, 1995's divisive Pope Adrian 37th Psychiatric, and they find the band cutting all of the musical fat, simplifying their approach into a minimal, primitive, almost early black metal-like approach, with an average of about three or four lines of lyrics per song.

Track listing:
-Echoes of Anguish-
1. The Flame of Insanity
2. In Memory of Pain
3. Dissolution
4. Only Death
5. Womb So Scorned
6. Time Passing
7. Echo
8. Voice
9. Stone
10. Trial By Separation
11. From the Heart
12. Your Secret Life
-The Underclass-
1. Captive of Atrophy
2. No Other Truth
3. Essence
4. Bequest
5. The Mirror
6. The Underclass
7. Unchanged
8. As Nothing
9. Choice of Evils
10. The Internal Censor
11. The Ocean of Misery
12. Clandestine Harem
1. One and All
2. Suffer
3. In Crematorium Flame
4. Lost
5. The Rain
6. Mercy of Slumber
7. The Curse
8. The Enlightened Dreamer
9. X.N.H.S.
10. Farewell Tomorrow
11. House of the Void
12. Rehearsal for Mortality
-No More Pain-
1. A Handful of Dust
2. No More Pain
3. Eyes of the Dead
4. Prayer for the Unborn
5. The Death of the Author
6. Grave Object
7. Doodle Bug Baby
8. Annihilation
9. Sublime Fantasy No. 1
10. Pachelbel's Canon in E

A collection of empty cells
You are the crumbling walls of a prison

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  1. Nick Blinko is a genius. I was missing Echos, so thank you...