Friday, June 19, 2015

Tortorum - Katabasis (2014)

OK, it's been over a year since it came out, I'm posting this shit. Monumental Norwegian black metal that nods to both Deathspell Omega and Watain -- the two most influential true black metal bands of our time -- in its pursuit of blackened divinity. Katabasis is Tortorum's second LP, and my favorite black metal record of 2014. Rewards close, repeated listening. Take drugs, play it loud, and become the void.

Track listing:
1. Descensus
2. The Great Appetence
3. In Nameless Nonbeing
4. Severance and Perseverance
5. As the Light Falls to Slaughter
6. Into the Sixth Coil
7. Open Wide the Gates of Chaos
8. Attributions to the Dead
9. Beyond the Earth and Air and Sun

Seeking the black stone, beneath the inverted flood
With claws in the wet soil, submerged fingers blind
Hold me no funeral, but baptise my corpse in lightning
Where is my black stone beneath the waters?
Where is the illuminating light buried in the dark?
Where the indestructible bolt of wisdom blazes
The stone to crush phenomena, the weight upon all ephemera

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