Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mazarati - Mazarati (1987)

Well, there's no way around this: Mazarati is a shameless rip-off of Prince and the Revolution. Released by Prince's Paisley Park Records, it's the exact same mix of 80s funk, chiming keyboards, pop beats, rock guitar shredding, and slightly effeminate vocals. Less effective songs, of course, but still, who the fuck doesn't wish there were a lost 80s Prince record floating around out there somewhere?

Track listing:
1. Players' Ball
2. Lonely Girl on Bourbon Street
3. 100 M.P.H.
4. She's Just That Kind of Lady
5. Stroke
6. Suzy
7. Strawberry Love
8. I Guess It's All Over

Make me shout


  1. 80s Prince was just the fckn best. Have you heard that comp of Minneapolis Funk? Think its called Purple Snow

    1. No but I'm getting it right now, thanks!!

  2. Meant to say...downloaded this...great album :-)

  3. Much this on vinyl...But a copy for my MP3 Player is most appreciated,