Saturday, June 6, 2015

16 - Zoloft Smile (2002)

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Sludge can be divided into two distinct sub-subgenres: hardcore-influenced, groove-packed, and mosh-friendly sludge; and slow, crusty, and extremely depressing sludge. As far as the former is concerned, it's pretty hard to top 16. They've been doing it since the early 90s, and they nailed it right out of the gate. Zoloft Smile is one of their best, with ten anthems of self-loathing that'll provide a perfect soundtrack for your next alcohol/cocaine binge.

Track listing:
1. Damone
2. Hearing Voices
3. Zoloft Smile
4. Balloon Knot
5. Workplace on Fire
6. Born to Lose
7. Grip of Delusion
8. Aging Disgracefully
9. You're Not My Real Dad
10. Poverty

When I feel rage, I shove the pills in my mouth

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  1. i loooooove them!!!!!!