Friday, June 12, 2015

Royal Trux - Sweet Sixteen (1997)

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Despite the repulsive album art, Sweet Sixteen is one of Royal Trux's most accessible efforts. It's still noisy and drug-addled, to be sure, but it's generally more upbeat, and there are some slick-sounding keyboards. Accept the fact that you will never be as cool as this band, and just bask in their genius.

Track listing:
1. Don't Try Too Hard
2. Morphic Resident
3. The Pickup
4. Cold Joint
5. Golden Rules
6. You'll Be Staying in Room 323
7. Can't Have It Both Ways
8. 10 Days 12 Nights
9. Microwave Made
10. Sweet Sixteen
11. I'm Looking Through You
12. Roswell Seeds and Stems
13. Pol Pot Pie

You help me change my mind
You do it every time

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