Monday, June 29, 2015

Leviathan - Ten (2001)

Regardless of controversy, or the fact that he is an American (a major faux pas in the global black metal community), Jeff Whitehead a.k.a. Leviathan is responsible for some of the most advanced black metal ever to be made. To me, of his numerous, untitled early demos, the tenth is the best. It finds him fully nailing down his sound -- an otherworldly, often sickly mix of dissonant guitars, kick-ass riffage, intricately programmed drums, dark ambient/drone, and monstrous, heavily treated vocals -- and still stands as one of his best overall releases. That's not the proper album art, though. I can't find an image file that's bigger than a thumbnail, and it's a shitty cover anyway (a closeup of Whitehead in a ski mask), so I just turned a Beksinski painting black and white, like Leviathan did for the cover of Verräter.

Track listing:
1. Heiress of Worms
2. Shrapnel
3. Red Sands
4. Those Slimy Things Are Real
5. Somnolent
6. Just Under Tainted Grace
7. Angelic Fece
8. Descent Through the Womb of the Moon
9. Outro

Screaming all the meat away
In an epileptic frenzy
Searching to not exist
The feet wait silent
In a pool of excrement and blood
And still the mouth gurgles forth
A black matter thick and putrid

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  1. thanx man,you always surprise. A follower from Argentina.

  2. Do you have The tenth sub level of suicide album?