Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Arcana Coelestia - Nomas (2014)

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GODDAMN. Le Mirage de l'Ideal, Arcana Coelestia's last record (linked above), instantly earned a place on my list of all-time favorite doom metal records. And... I think that they might have managed to top it with Nomas. There's still that incredibly layered, cacophonous sound -- how many fucking guitars are on these recordings? -- but the production's way fuller than it was last time out, and for a band with such an intricate, lush approach to such crushingly heavy music, this is a very welcome enhancement. Plus, they added just a hint of black metal on a couple of tracks.

Track listing:
1. Nomas I
2. Nomas II
3. Nomas III
4. Nomas IV
5. Nomas V

Escaping the deterioration of this earth

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