Saturday, June 20, 2015

TransChamps - Double Exposure (2001) + The Fucking Am - Gold (2004)

Two collaborative efforts between instrumetallers The Fucking Champs (one of whom, you may not be aware, was a member of Weakling, one of the best US black metal bands) and weirdo post-rockers Trans Am. Unlike so many collaborations of this nature, these two bands merge together as one seamless, restlessly inventive package, darting from dark, driving, electronics- and percussion-led pieces to energetic, triumphant stoner riffage -- prepare yourself for the end of song breakdown on "Powerpoint" -- to low-key acoustic folk. Clearly, they recognized how well the first one, Double Exposure, went, so they went in for a second one, and these two records represent to me the best work either of these bands have ever been associated with, though to be fair, I haven't heard everything Trans Am's done.

Track listing:
-Double Exposure-
1. Give It to You
2. The Big Machine
3. First Comes Sunday Morning
4. Then Comes Saturday Night
5. Somebody Like You
1. Bad Leg
2. The Gauntlet
3. Doing Research for an Autobiography
4. Talking Liberties
5. Powerpoint
6. Acoustico Gomez
7. Elastico Gomez
8. Electrico Gomes

A single ray of light on an otherwise cloudy day

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