Wednesday, June 24, 2015

No-Man - Together We're Stranger (2003)

No-Man is a duo consisting of vocalist/songwriter Tim Bowness and multi-instrumentalist Steven Wilson, best known for his work with Porcupine Tree. With Together We're Stranger, they did away with all of their trip-hop leanings to explore more lush, sprawling, yet subdued territory than ever before, ending up with a sound that's half Pink Floyd circa Dark Side of the Moon, and half Talk Talk circa Laughing Stock. Not only is it pretty much inarguably their best record, it's easily one of my top five breakup albums. It's a little sappy, but it breaks my heart anyway.

Track listing:
1. Together We're Stranger
2. All the Blue Changes
3. The City in a Hundred Ways
4. Things I Want to Tell You
5. Photographs in Black and White
6. Back When You Were Beautiful
7. The Break-Up for Real

We step outside and face the poison weather
You and I are something else together

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