Friday, June 26, 2015

Meathook Seed - Embedded (1993)

Industrial metal with strong groove elements. Features Shane Embury and Mitch Harris of Napalm Death. Somewhere right between artful, cerebral heaviness and ignorant mosh.

Track listing:
1. Famine Sector
2. A Furred Grave
3. My Infinity
4. Day of Conceiving
5. Cling to an Image
6. A Wilted Remnant
7. Forgive
8. Focal Point Blur
9. Embedded
10. Visible Shallow Self


More industrial metal side projects:



  1. My Time! i Buyed it only Bcause Shane and Mitch was Members, but i was not disapointed! A Killer Release! In Vinyl ;)

  2. awesome record on and not only half of naplam death on this but also half of obituary: donald tardy on drums and trevor peres vocals. killer record and especially the first four songs played in succession still rip ones head off!

    'embedded' alongside with fear factory's debut, scon's 'vae solis' and incubator's 'mcgilroy the housefly' was my early nineties playlist. thow in the occasional painkiller and hendrix record and you get the drift :D

    1. Whaaat. How did I not know that this band was half Obituary? All these years...

  3. The follow-up album, "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth", is still one of the most disappointing records I've ever heard. They get a new singer and suddenly start sounding like a nu-metal band.