Friday, June 26, 2015

Jan Garbarek - All Those Born With Wings (1986)

So far I've posted three albums on which (Norwegian saxophonist) Jan Garbarek performed, but not a single one of his many, many solo records. And while a better blogger might start you off with one of what are generally considered as his masterpieces -- Esoteric Circle, or Afric Pepperbird, for instance -- but this is what I'm listening to right now, and it's my favorite of his post-early 70s material. It's a true solo record, in that he plays all of the instruments, including sax (of course), flute, keys, guitar, and percussion, and it has this sparse, haunting quality that's unlike anything else he's done.

6 tracks, titled "1st Piece" through "6th Piece".

White noise of forgetfulness


  1. Pleeeeaaaseee more Garbarek & expecially Rypdal too,