Monday, June 8, 2015

CoH - Mask of Birth (2002)

Experimental, glitchy, reality-warping electronic sounds from this Russian-born Swede. Sounds like it was made by a computer that was tripping balls.

Track listing:
1. Suppernature
2. Hurt Later
3. Gearin II
4. Terra Beyond (Terra)
5. Utopia - Me Too
6. Of 7
7. Boog
8. Isb. No Balance
9. In Spaces Between
10. Komputer Trilogik Für Or (Позвони Мне Позвони/Fuckaflicka/El, Hombre, Invisible)
11. Waltz Nuevo No. 1

Speaking tones


  1. hey man - the link's all busted! Waaaaah!!!!
    (awesome blog, bruvva)

    1. Oops, never replaced the placeholder URL, derp. Fixed it.

  2. Is this the guy who collaborated with Peter Christopherson, not long before he passed away? Should be interesting, cheers.