Friday, May 20, 2016

Fallen - A Tragedy's Bitter End (2004)

Funeral - Tragedies (1995)

God-tier Norwegian funeral doom. Deep, sorrowful clean vocals and lushly layered keyboards perfectly compliment the crushing, plodding heaviness of the guitars and drums, making for a majestic, almost ethereal sound. Fallen is the brainchild of Anders Eek (founding member of Funeral) and thus far, A Tragedy's Bitter End remains the band's only album.

Track listing:
1. Gravdans
2. Weary and Wretched
3. To the Fallen
4. Morphia
5. Now That I Die
6. The Funeral

Your hand is not for me to touch
Still my yearning desire could pull ships aground

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  1. Have you heard the reissue/compilation Solitude Productions did last year? It features this album and some unreleased demos Christian Loos had been working on before he killed himself. Really haunting stuff - I've always been really moved by the basso profondo voice.

  2. Hey, do you think you could reupload this, please? Love your blog.